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appreciate all of you being here today. we are going to start with mayor lee. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. good morning everyone. it is my personal pleasure to be here in the bayview. as i watched these kids danced this morning, i know all of you felt as i did, this is for them. they inherit the earth, this community, and everything we do today, everything we believe in is all for them. so we want our neighborhood improved. we want our whole community improved. i want to thank the people here coming with us. senator leno is here with us this morning. i have been here all morning with malia cohen looking at the projects that we have in this area. she is part of that young talent and i get to work with, as well as scott wiener. the board of supervisors have been working with me these past seven months, and we are trying to get a lot of things delivered. not a lot of political stance. getting stuff done. fulfiling old promises. promises that you heard decades ago. you saw me smiling this morning as i embraced this man, freddie carter. he is part of the construction
. >> this is kicking the can down the road. the people sent us here to make tough choices, not to set up a commission, give the president veto power. that's not what they sent us here to do. >> reporter: the plan could pass the senate, but face a tougher fight in the republican house. >>> in the midst of the debt debate, a few dozen lawmakers decided to leave capitol hill and settle their differences on the diamond. in this charity game, it's pretty much a level playing field. one squad tried to make november's carry over into the box score. >> don't think it's a friendly baseball game. it's for guts and glory. >> we play once a year. if you win, you can hold it over their heads. when you lose, you have to hear about it. >> the republicans fell behind early in the game. democrats won by a lopsided score of 8-2. >>> this weekend san diego's gay pride parade spoke on the don't ask don't tell policy. about 200 active duty troops and veterans took part. they marched even though it was a friday, on friday, rather. a federal appeals court reinstated the ban on openly gay troops serving. the court issued a
that is sustainable. yes, we have an ultimatum. do with the american people sent us here to do. that is what needs to happen in the context of the debt ceiling debate. >> if that is not done, will 175 republicans voted no? >> i would not say all of gumwood but 33 people sunday pledged to cut, cap, and balance as part of this package. we will not support borrowing more money or raising the debt ceiling grid we think $14 trillion when you look at the cbo numbers from a few weeks ago, this is out of control. you don't have to take politician's word for it. take any economist today who will tell you that within two- three years, there will be a debt crisis in this country. we should fix the amount and a real way and not just tinker around the edges. we should actually fix it so we don't have this big problem which everybody knows is coming. the virtual consensus among economists is that we will have a debt crisis comparable to what greases having today. we want to do something bold that fixes the country and this is that rare opportunity. >> what about the $4 trillion plan that lawmakers have been tal
these corridors all day. and tonight we can show you some of what the congressional leaders told us here today. first of all, you don't look happy on the front page of "the new york times." it says, boehner's grip on his caucus is put to test in standoff. feel like you're being tested? >> it is a test. this is a big step, trying to get control of our deficit and our debt and trying to do it by the august 2nd deadline. so it is a big test. >> some people who are friends of yours have said this isn't fair. your job is to run your party. but there is another party in there too. you have this tea party caucus that didn't come to washington with the same values. >> it is not the tea party caucus. most of the freshmen are frankly in pretty good shape. it would be more what i would describe as some hard-line conservatives who want more. i don't blame them. i want more too. but this was an agreement between the bipartisan senate leaders and myself. it is what's doable. and i think we can get there. >> mr. speaker, is it fair to say you have a bit of a rebellion on your hands? or do you feel -- >> i've
. >> the mcconnell can is kicking the can down the road. the american people send us here to make big tough choices. they didn't send us here to set up a commission, give the president veto power. that's not what they sent us to do. >> it could pass the democratic controlled senate but faces a tougher fight in the republican house. >> a new group created in the wake of the financial meltdown officially launches this week. the consumer financial protection bureau begins oversight and regulatory work on thursday. president obama is expected to nominate former ohio attorney general richard correspondence dough ray to lead the agency. he currently serves as the director of enforcement. the bureau was formed to enact what president obama calls the strongest consumer protectses in our nation's history. >> some big names are coming to the white house today. president obama will meet with warren buffet and bill and melinda gates to get an update on the giving pledge. it's a promise by some of the wealthiest people in america to give most of their weal
to thank the people here coming with us. senator leno is here with us this morning. i have been here all morning with malia cohen looking at the projects that we have in this area. she is part of that young talent and i get to work with, as well as scott wiener. the board of supervisors have been working with me these past seven months, and we are trying to get a lot of things delivered. not a lot of political stance. getting stuff done. fulfiling old promises. promises that you heard decades ago. you saw me smiling this morning as i embraced this man, freddie carter. he is part of the construction team here. freddie was certified when i was the director of the human rights commission. he had a joint venture. it was a small firm, and they had to get some beer projects, and i remember, you went out and bought yourself a red truck. do you still have that truck? freddie is part of the kck general contractors team that formed the property bid on the dpw and library bid process. they ultimately won the right to build this. and guess what, he is local, right here in the bayview. that is import
and for joining us on the 33rd annual carnival celebration kickoff here in your other home, san francisco city hall. i want to thank -- i want to thank all of you for being here tonight. our host committee, san francisco cultural arts traditions, our elected family, supervisors wiener and campos and john avalos who is on his way and mirkarimi who is soon here. wanted to say thank you for being here and bringing the community here into city hall. and we're always grateful when our mayor is here to join us tonight. thank you, mayor. i'd like to introduce the treasurer of the organization that's done so much work to make sure that all of us could be here tonight. superviser james camp, thank you for being here. also we have our president of the school board here, i think you're here some place. i'd like to droot treasurer of the organization who has done so much to make sure that all of us are here tonight and are able to celebrate on the weekend in may, carnaval. elena. >> thanks. on behalf of the san francisco cultural art trassdigs board of -- tradition board of directors, i'd like to thank ev
the last one. thank you for actually having us here at the meeting and for feeding us tonight. i am a longtime resident, born and raised. i am also a student here at the city college. one of the things that i would appreciate living for is to actually have inputs from students. it sounds good, a looks good, but how come nobody has asked us? i like you went out and got some of the input. the usually want whatever is new to the community. i appreciate everything that was done, but i also appreciate input from the students. somebody from the inside looking out saying, you know what? we can use this. the piece that you presented earlier, i gave michael a card. i wanted to say, with that money, how come we can't put anything from our program. there are some new program of the health benefits. so many programs that are needed. let's give them some of the programs that they want. i love your idea for the horticulture classism and stuff. and way up here. i don't understand that we have so many tickets but nobody is taking care of the plants. when you build, we must plan. who will take care
towards the east. look for another round off to the west of us. here is a look at what is going on. is under a severe thunderstorm watch. this is a severe thunderstorm warning. you can head over to to track the storms. the dew point is still in the 60's. the high pressure is building day late monday into tuesday. we might squeeze out a shower or o late tomorrow afternoon. this is moving across the region. to the south of us. the fireworksthat planned on the national. diminished storms the lowfor 60's to 70's. here is the extended outlook. temperatures around 90. , eye is one more reminder >> the national's got off to a game. e efforts a horribl today. leaves everyone scratching their heads because it plays like this. >> we will start off for some news with the washington national. beer clifford was chosen to national league all-star spot. he has struggled continuously again. back to the pitcher. that is good. that puts the runners in scoring position. princely scores. more for the pirates. here they come again. he scores, 5-0. the pirates, 7-0, pittsburgh
for the mayor and all of us here. you look at us up here, lots of people of color. unfortunately when you look at our universities and colleges, they do not have all the people of color. it is great to see an audience of people that look like us. it was about time, right? and i do not know about you, but that is what it is all about. not about us being successful. all of us already made it. it is about how we get everybody in this city and community to rally behind the young people like yourself who have a whole future ahead of you, and we have screwed up the plan of for you really bad. you guys are going to have to be 10 times smarter than us because we did not figure it out. it is exciting to be in a place where you folks are going to be in the future and to have the gates foundation stepped up and give you some of the tools. one of the frustrating things for me as a superintendent is i kind of believe we are educating all you young people for a world that just does not exist anymore. things have changed so much. when i was in school, there was not computers. things have changed so radically
life. and here's abc's linsey davis to tell us. >> reporter: who would you guess is the most stressed out person in america? a fireman? stockbroker? an air traffic controller? think again. chances are you know the person, and she looks something like debbie watkins. >> it's "oh wow, i'm not spending enough time with my mom. "then if i try to spend more time with her, then i'm thinking, "wow, my kids need more of my time, or my husband, or my job." >> reporter: let me give you a headline -- medical experts say this could be the first generation of women who do not outlive their male counterparts by five to seven years. according to the galiup-healthways well-being index, middle-aged american women have the lowest well-being of any age group or sex. and this is why. >> let's go, let's go. >> reporter: debbie gets up with the sun. her kidding still live at home. she works a full-time job. takes her lunch
in the forecast. >> how hard was it to go 100? >> difficult. >> that's all for us here at 6. we'll see you tonight at 11.
newsom, was famous for the amount of here joe he used. please welcome mayor ed lee. [applause] mayor lee: thank you. should i stand up here, joe? is this right. ok. thank you out, everybody. at it is my pleasure to be here, to share with you what it has been like for the first quarter, maybe a third of this year, but also to begin by telling you this is a very unique city. and i continue to be so enthralled by the wonderful people who live here, that work here, even though i finished the ninth of tin budget town hall meetings, numerous meetings with community-based agencies, inviting people who have not been there for years, as they tell me. i am hearing so many stories, stories about white people came to san francisco. and just -- about why people came to san francisco. and just so many stories about whether or not their dreams or conditions were fulfilled, or they are here working were living with their families or they are trying to conduct business here. it has been wonderful. a lot of people have been asking -- i really -- to i really enjoy it? the word " julyenjoy -- "enjoy" is a l
for letting us to brazilian carnaval here. thank you very much. [applause] all right, next up, we have a performance by a group, led by, trained by, maria and accompanied by a group. ♪ in her place, to take her award, zoie. she has been a student since age 6. let me just tell a little bit about this. she was born in a small town in brazil. she studied folkloric dance, jazz, and ballet, and in the 1980's, she moved to san francisco and form her own dance groups. besides being the choreographer, she is also the director of little butterflies, the first and only brazilian dance troupe for children in the bay area. in 2007, they founded a nonprofit organization with the goal of promoting cross-cultural exchange between the united states and brazil and preserving and promoting traditional brazilian music and dance. today, we honor them for a quarter-century of dedication in preserving brazilian arts and culture and promoting exchange between the united states and brazil. i have some flowers for you. we will have a plaque to present, so let's give a warm round of applause. [applause] >> ye
an alcoholic. betty, we are all here now. some of us here have been working toward this day for quite some time, as you know. that is what happens when you are the first family. people have to be ready, ready to honor you in just the right way. ready to remember you in just the right way. ready to describe our memories of you in just the right way. ready to pray for you and your family in just the right way. but many of us here today, i dare say perhaps most of us here today, have no recollection at all of you, betty, as first family or, perish the thought, of the u.s. first lady. i never knew you that way. i think i can speak for thousands of us who reclaim our lives just a few short miles from here. we never knew you that way. we knew u.s. mrs. ford, founder, or chair, lecturer, hour upon the present phase of recovery here in the desert, in grand rapids, in vail, on larry king, "good morning, america," so many other tv shows, and then on campus. we got to know you as betty. we saw you in the rooms. we listened to you tell stories about your own feelings, your own kilts, you're on ups, your ow
year 2007- 2008, a product will have cost more than $5.5 million. it is difficult for us here to draw any other conclusions. >> exactly. i have seen that in the report. i am speaking about it -- before i was closely involved, 1997 -- that was the initial funding to bring in a consultant to the that the project
those proceedings to life. >>> here in the u.s., the justice department is launching an investigation into news corp.'s conduct, looking to see if there were in fact any efforts to hack the voicemails of 9/11 victims. >>> moving on to the 2012 presidential race, michele bachmann is responding to questions about her chronic migraine headaches. the minnesota congresswoman released a note from her physician yesterday detailing her condition. the note reading, and i quote, you are overall in good general health. your migraines occur infrequently and have known trigger factors of which you are aware and know how to avoid. that apparently was not enough for tim pawlenty, who questioned the congresswoman's health and its potential impact on her ability to run for office while campaigning -- complaining. campaigning, excuse me, in iowa yesterday. pawlenty saying, quote, in fact he sort of was complaining, all the candidates i think are going to have to be able to demonstrate they can do all of the jobs all the time. there it was. but just a few hours later, pawlenty walked back his comments d
for joining us here in our studios as always. >>> overseas, tonight we'll tell you about the next global crisis you will be hearing about. it's bad and fair warning, it's hard to watch, and it's going to get worse. the u.n. is using a word we don't hear them use often, and that's famine. it's happening in the horn of africa triggered by years of drought and poverty and civil war in some cases and setting off a human tide of refugees. the drought is severe. the humanitarian crisis is centered in somalia but also kenya, ethiopia and djibouti, devastating crops and livestock and sources of drinking water. the u.n. estimates more than 11 million people are in urgent need of food assistance, including millions of children. we have a report tonight from the kenya-somalia border, and a reminder, again, these are some tough images. >> reporter: famine has returned to africa. in this village it hasn't rained heavily for two years so children are starving, desperately in need of help. >> they really need it immediately. it's a matter of urgency, and some of them they cannot even wait. >> reporter:
're being here means a lot to us -- their being here means a lot to us. now more than ever, we need to be friends with government, and knowing their door is open to us is appreciated. [applause] supervisor mirkarimi: good evening. i'm ross mirkarimi. i represent the fifth district, and i'm delighted to be standing up here with my colleague who will speak in a moment. i want to thank mike farrah for his leadership and mayor newsom for helping facilitate this gathering. i'm iranian american, persians, and throughout my -- [applause] throughout my life, my family had always had very close relationships with the arab and arab-american community. i spent a fair amount of time working in the middle east in jordan and iraq and traveling through loud the milk -- throughout the middle eastern areas, so i feel very much at home, and it is important that feeling is well represented in city hall. i look at the flags that are well illustrated year. it amplifies the need that much more that san franciscans, californians should understand and become more acquainted with the arab-american culture.
the white boxer, a beautiful dog. she is still with us. she is wonderful. we have really good ones here. we have so many wonderful dogs right now. >> and lots of small ones. >> a lot of small ones but we have more than ever before. people are suffering. it's the perfect little dog. the staff loves him. >> maybe we can find them a home >> thank you. >> what a sweetheart. >> for all of us here thanks so much for joining us today. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. 
that's done so much work to make sure that all of us could be here tonight. superviser james camp, thank you for being here. also we have our president of the school board here, i think you're here some place. i'd like to droot treasurer of the organization who has done so much to make sure that all of us are here tonight and are able to celebrate on the weekend in may, carnaval. elena. >> thanks. on behalf of the san francisco cultural art trassdigs board of -- tradition board of directors, i'd like to thank everybody for being here today and it's been a lot of work but we're very happy to tell you that carnaval is very strong and we will be having a great carnaval this year on may 28 and may 29. but -- [speaking spanish] also the co-chair of the cultural arts committee and without our volunteers we could not have any of the events that we put out throughout the year. i would like to thank a lot of our volunteers, hopefully i don't leave anybody out. if i do, please excuse me. i'm going to put on my funny glasses. our president, check out his shoes. ok, so i would like to thank s
us up here to win symbolic battles or victory. >> that is the president's theory of politics, america hates partisanship, and he can get us past that and that is why he selected and that why each time the republican party blows up the talks, obama keeps inviting them back, and each time they swear they won't budge an inch, he says that he is hoping they can work it out, and if that makes him look like an idealistic tween, well, then all of the better. and you are seeing that work, because there are cracks on the republican side. david brooks wrote, if the republican party were a normal party, it would take advantage of this amazing moment. it is being offered the deal of the century. trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred billion in revenue increases. for now the republican party cannot take the obama deal and he knows it. it has freed him to offer better and better deals giving him credit for compromising, but they can't say yes because of the tax part, but eventually the republicans have to agree to something, and that is where obama's plan might fail hi
of us. here we are in the baltimore area. everything is diminishing as a cool front allows drier air to come into the picture. what happened during the day today? even to the evening hours, the high was 89 treaty had 94 for the high. 76er the respective lows, and no measurable rain fell in the area today. at least right around the city. 80 degrees in annapolis, 80 on the boardwalk at ocean city. 76 at edgewood, fredericks 73. here you see the drier air coming in. drier air up in pennsylvania beginning to slip in. tomorrow, you will see lower humidity, if you were clouds, more sunshine. we really could use some more rain here. here is the cool front slowly pushing to the south. it would get to north carolina or at least some virginia. eventually it will come back as a warm front in the middle of the week. we have a one the rest from the threat of rain in the area. this high and dry air briefly comes and before some of this tropical moisture starts edging toward the south. mostly cloudy skies the rest of the night tonight. the storm will remain south and push south, are rain chances ar
>> good morning. i'm eric white. welcome to mosaic. it's so good to have you here with us. we will start with a wonderful conversation with connie wolf. welcome, connie. >> thank you so much for having me. >> this is the third year coming up, i believe in june. >> yes, of the new building. our new fabulous building in downtown san francisco area. it's in the heart of a cultural district of san francisco. we couldn't be happier. three years. it's really a attribute to who's visited, everyone who has supported. >> let's just jump in. why don't you jump in and let us know what is available for people that come to the museum are you. >> we are a noncollecting museum. every time you come, there are wonderful exhibitions to explore for families of the people of ages and backgrounds. this summer we are so cited to have a show called saint richard stein. the exposition is wonderful. you really get the inside story on the life of richard stein. it's filled with photographs and materials and some of the clothing. you really discover who that was as a writer, as a collector, as a muse, a
. >> that's all for us here on abc2. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. #x denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine.
of us, here in the bay area. i always thank you for the great job that you do in our bay area. so, that's what tuesdays at 6:30(pm), here on kcsm, are all about. please join us then.
can make a deal. >> republican approach brings us back here in a couple of months. is that something you think is good for the economy? >> well, what is good for the economy and the markets that they need to understand that we have a 5.4 trillion dollar problem. we are at a tipping point in terms of leverage. the world is at the same point. we need to start to the leverage over time. >> what do you think that of the polls and the rest of the world are making of this? is there a possibility that america's standing will be reduced internationally? >> there is concern. i had four african presidents for lunch yesterday at the council on foreign relations. there is concern about the apparent inability to make a deal. there is the confidence that america would not like to abdicate their position as the financial leader in the world. this congress will make a deal. we cannot abdicate our responsibilities to our people or abroad. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> for more on the political wrangling still taking place and what this bodes for the future, i am joined by th
where jesus walked. thanks for joining us, until next week, from all of us here on "christia
're thankful because it took a lot of hard work by city staff to get us here. they are a developer and operator of the accused community. we are long-term holders of our assets. wheat on the two communities in san francisco. both of those were communities that we purchased after they were up and running. since 2007, we have been working with the task force at the golden gate bus parking yard. we have attended a hundreds of meetings with them, and it has been a very slow process to come to a meeting of minds about what it is that makes a good development for community while making sense for a project sponsored. that is the reason why we got involved in this project. i was tracking his efforts to get the project of this point, and we are excited to be part of it going forward. as you know, the sight which changed in 2008 -- site was changed in 2008 to allow mixed use housing and a height of 68 feet. this doesn't happen by accident. it has taken seven years, hundreds of meetings, over 30 iterations, and since we got involved, we have changed in the color palette to accommodate feedback that we hav
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is just into this. all these guys are getting their salvation by selfless actions. >> all of us here have had our reputations besmirched. our family's name disparaged. how long will we have this hanover are next? unlike the previous two governors, my case has been there nine years on the governor's desk. i urged the governor to stop listening to those who advocate against me only to protect themselves, and grant i innocence. -- my innocence. my grandchildren deserve to have my name officially cleared. tavis: you raise a powerful point. i want to come back to you in a second. i want to talk about public policy. how much of what is not being said today is really about the pain and suffering that everyone is connected to use suffers as well? >> exactly. my children did not deserve what happened to them in 1987. i have custody of a nine-year- old son. i was divorced. my mom and dad did not deserve that burden. 25 years later, i have grandchildren that a desperate living in a small farming community, where my family was born and raised, they have that stigma. i have not been officially pardone
out any call to the coast guard to get us here. he didn't say anything to me, he just staired at me. >> reporter: and that angers the family of don lee. lee is still missing. >> to think the fact that the captain didn't drive properly into the storm. he should have been driving away from it. he was more negligent than we had ever ever ever imagined. >> reporter: his wife is now asking search and rescue officials to send a dive team down. kron4 news. >>> a etching from the golden gate bridge, you can see a little bit of a cloudy visibility here. we do have a little bit of fog, that's going to be spreading into bay shores pretty soon. here is a look at the current conditions, temperatures are lot cooler. for inland vallies, it's definitely more mild out there. 63 in liver moore as we head into tomorrow, the fog is going to take over close to the coastline. as you move back to the coastline at noon, we'll be seeing sunny skies in the afternoon, breezy conditions, but much cooler with the cool air. i'll have details on how cool it will be tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up in j
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,205 (some duplicates have been removed)